Jesus and the forgetting of faults

(31) "I do not want you to think any more about this, because when a soul has humbled herself, convinced that she has done wrong and has washed her soul in the Sacrament of Confession and is ready to die rather than offend Me, the thought of it is an affront to My Mercy, it is an impediment to drawing her closer to My Love, because she always seeks with her mind to wrap herself in the past mire and prevents Me from making her take flight toward Heaven, because she always with those ideas she encloses herself in herself, if she seeks to think of them at all. And besides, look, I no longer remember anything, I have forgotten it perfectly; do you see any shadow of rancor on my part?"

(32) And I said to her, "No, Lord, you are so good." But I felt my heart break with tenderness.

(33) And He said, "Well, will you keep these things before you?"

(34) And I: "No, no, I don't want to."

(35) And He: "Let us think of loving one another and being content with one another".

(36) From then on I thought no more of that, I did all I could to please Him, and

I asked Him to teach me how to make amends for the time that had passed. And He said to me:

Imitation of his life. Imitation of the life of Jesus.

(37) "I am ready to do what you want. Look, the first thing I told you I wanted from you was the imitation of my Life, so let's see what you lack."

(38) "Lord," I said to him, "I lack everything, I have nothing."

(39) "And well", he would say to me: "Do not be afraid, little by little we will do everything, I Myself know how weak you are, but it is from Me that you must take strength". (I do not remember it in order, but as I can I will say it) And he added:

Spirit of righteousness.

(40) "I want you to be always upright in your work, with one eye you must look at Me and with the other you must look at what you are doing; I want the creatures to disappear from you completely. If orders are given to you, do not look at people, no, but you must think that I Myself want you to do what is ordered, then with your eye fixed on Me you will not judge anyone, you will not look at whether the thing is painful or pleasing to you, whether you can or cannot do it, closing your eyes to all this you will open them to look only at Me, you will take Me close to you thinking that I am looking at you fixedly and you will tell Me: "Lord, only for You I do it, only for You I want to work, no more slave of creatures". So, if you walk, if you work, if you speak, in whatever you do, your only aim must be to please Me alone. Oh, how many defects you will avoid if you do like this".

(41) At other times, He told me: "I also want that if people mortify you, insult you, contradict you, your gaze also be fixed on Me, thinking that with My own mouth I tell you: "Daughter, it is properly Me who wants you to suffer this, not the creatures, keep your gaze away from them, but only Me and you always, all the others, destroy them. Look, I want to make you beautiful through these sufferings, I want to enrich you with merits, I want to work on your soul, to make you similar to Me. You will make Me a gift, you will thank Me affectionately, you will be grateful to those people who give you occasion to suffer, rewarding them with some benefit. By doing so, you will walk upright before Me, nothing will give you more restlessness and you will always enjoy peace".

Book of Heaven Volume 01 Luisa Piccarreta