The veil of the temple is torn, the storm is coming

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD HILL

Carbonia February 24, 2021

I search for the lost sheep! Your prayers help me to find them.

Beloved children, oh you who celebrate Me in your hearts, truly I tell you: I am all yours, I open your little heart and I come to rule it in Me, I give you of Me and I help you in this painful ascension.

Beloved of your Jesus, the time is near, I am stopping everything, the cursed one has finished his ascent.

 Behold, the God of Heaven, the Creator of all things, is saying His Enough, it will not be long before you will see My intervention on this Earth. The Holy River will overflow, and the day will be one of great mourning.

Rejoice, my star, rejoice, you who are faithful to me, O joy of my heart, today I open my heart to you and place you in me to give you of myself forever.

The Way, the Truth and the Life comes to satisfy his children, his intervention will be resounding, many will despair but the children of God will shout for joy.

It is the victory of the children of God. Here is the Father appearing to the world to illuminate the darkness and put his infinite Light.

Rejoice, O my star, O faithful people, rejoice in Me your Savior God, behold I am ready for my descent, My Chalice is poured out, My triumph will be complete with you, with all of you who have honored Me with your faithful yes and your love.

Rejoice, oh my star, rejoice, oh my homeland, behold, the God of eternal love descends to clothe you with light, He will cover you with honor and glory in Himself.

Life must be new for the children of God, Satan's empire is at its height but he will not be victorious, behold, I am coming! Cursed are those who follow Satan! They have renounced life, they have dishonored life, they have denied their God for a paltry piece of silver, they will find themselves in the endless tortures of hell. He who is the cause of his own evil, let him weep for himself.

I have wept tears of blood for you, so that you may be saved, I have called and summoned you every day through My Mother and My prophets on Earth, I have blessed you and begged you to return to Me, but you have remained deaf to this call of Mine, you have mocked Me, you have said no to your Creator God.

The Sun is about to be new all over the Earth, the bud of Jesse is about to be new in you, never doubt My Direction, embrace My Work and feed on My Word, grow and spread, .... My Spirit is already upon you.

Do not judge, do not show envy, do not be foolish oh you who still do not want to remedy your ego, do not be foolish. The God of Eternal Love asks you again and again to strip off your old garments and put on the Light, to put on the white robe.

You have reached the conclusion of the story; do not lose yourselves in your choices.

Mary Most Holy embraces you and accompanies you in this time until her coming among you in flesh and blood.

The veil of the temple is torn, the storm approaches, the God of Love comes in his justice to avenge his children.

Pray and fast, may this Lent be special for you because it is the Lent that God blesses. Have love and have faith, the gift of Love is imminent.

I love and bless you and I exhort you again to the truth, be faithful to Jesus Christ your Savior. Amen