The "yes" that the Lord asks of us

"Fear not. Herein lies the constitutive element of vocation. Man, in fact, fears. He fears not only to be called to the priesthood, but also to be called to life, to his duties, to a profession, to marriage. This fear shows an immature sense of responsibility. We must overcome fear in order to accede to a mature responsibility: we must accept the call, listen to it, assume it, ponder it according to our lights, and answer: yes, yes. Do not fear, do not fear, for you have found grace, do not fear life, do not fear your maternity, do not fear your marriage, do not fear your priesthood, for you have found grace. This certainty, this awareness helps us just as it helped Mary. Indeed, "earth and paradise await your yes, O most pure Virgin". These are the famous and beautiful words of St. Bernard. Wait for your yes, Mary. Wait for your yes, mother that you are going to have a son; wait for your yes, man that you must assume a personal, family and social responsibility....

"This is Mary's answer, the answer of a mother, the answer of a young man: a yes for life," which joyfully commits us.

Mary's answer - fiat - is even more definitive than a simple yes. It is the total surrender of her will to what the Lord wanted of her at that moment and throughout her life. This fiat will have its culmination on Calvary when, at the foot of the Cross, she offers herself together with her Son.

The "yes" that the Lord asks of each one of us on our own journey is prolonged throughout our lives, sometimes in small events, sometimes in major ones, in successive calls, some of which are a preparation for the following ones. The yes to Jesus leads us not to think too much about ourselves and to be attentive, with a vigilant heart, to where the voice of the Lord is coming, pointing out to us the path that he is tracing out for his own. In this loving correspondence, our own freedom and the divine will are intertwined in perfect harmony,

Let us ask Our Lady today for the sincere and great desire to know one's own vocation more deeply, and for the light to correspond to the successive calls that the Lord makes to us. Let us ask her that we may know how to give her a prompt and firm response in every circumstance, for it is only vocation that fills a life and gives it meaning.