Bologna Cardinal Falls From Grace With Francis

A modernist but not rigid enough

Bologna Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, 66, lost Francis' sympathies because he applies Traditionis custodies not rigidly enough, reports Andrea Gagliarducci (, May 3).

Francis will therefore not make him the future president of the Italian Bishops. Unlike other Italian bishops, Zuppi interprets TC in a liberal way with an eye to the next conclave.

In his May 3 interview, Francis announced that he looks for an "authoritative [= spineless executor of Francis' rigidity] cardinal" to preside the Italian bishops.

Gagliarducci believes that he will choose Siena weak Cardinal Augusto Lojudice, 57 for whom Francis’ sympathies “remain firm.”

The Roman Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis is not an option as Francis would have preferred Lojudice for his position but gave in to wishes of some Roman clergymen.