Francis, why don't you shut up?

Francis Says "Don't Make Liturgy A Battleground" - And Starts The Battle

"When liturgical life is a banner of division, there is the smell of the devil in there, the deceiver,” Francis pontificated May 7 in front of the anti-liturgical Liturgical Institute Sant'Anselmo.

Could it be an indirect criticism of the mothers of traditionalist priests who walked from France to Rome a few days ago, on pilgrimage, so that Bergoglio would restore the Old Mass?*

The Novus Ordo insist on a break between old and new. For Francis, it's impossible to worship God and “to make the liturgy a battleground for issues that are not essential.”

Having said this, he started sowing liturgical division by polemicising against a "temptation of liturgical formalism," implying that in life we have to be meticulous while when dealing with God we should be sloppy.

An ideological Francis specifically targeted "those movements that try to go backwards and deny Vatican II.” In reality, nobody denies Vatican II while realists recognise that it has failed and should no longer be worshiped.

Formalism is for Francis "something without life, without joy.” This is a way of describing the Novus Ordo if "without love for God" is added.

In his black-and-white ideology Francis romanticised the hapless Novus Ordo and, replacing reality with ideology, claimed that it allowed "active and fruitful participation" in the liturgy, "strengthened the communion" within the Church and "inspired the work of evangelisation."

It is a bitter fact that the Novus Ordo Church is collapsing in front of our eyes.

*Francis will welcome the mothers of Roman Rite priests at the end of their pilgrimage to Rome after his May 4 general audience, the mothers' association (April 21) announced.

The mothers are walking from Paris to the Vatican asking Francis to preserve the Roman Mass.

They are bringing with them hundreds letters from Roman Rite Catholics in order to show to the Holy See that the faithful who attend the Roman Mass are “very diverse.”