Luisa Piccarreta explains what God is like

(15) The confessor having told me to explain to him how I see the Divinity of Our Lord, I answered that it was impossible to tell him anything, but in the night the blessed Jesus appeared to me and almost rebuked me for this denial of mine, and then He made me flash like two very luminous rays; with the first one I understood in my intelligence that faith is God and God is faith. I have already tried to say something about faith, now I will try to say how I see God, and this was the second ray.

(16) Now, as I find myself outside of myself and finding myself high in the heavens it has seemed to me to see God within a light and He Himself seemed also light and in this light was found beauty, strength, wisdom, immensity, height, depth without limit or confines, so also in the air we breathe it is God Himself that is breathed, so each one can make it as a life of his own, as indeed it is. So no thing escapes him and none can escape him. This light seems to be all voice without speaking, all working while it always rests; it is everywhere without hindering anything, and while it is everywhere, it also has its center. O God, how incomprehensible You are, I see You, I feel You, You are my Life, You restrict Yourself in me, while You remain always immense and lose nothing from You, yet I feel stammering and I seem to know and say nothing.

(17) In order to explain myself better according to our human language, I will say that I see a shadow of God in everything created, because in everything created, where He has cast the shadow of His beauty, where His perfumes, where His light, as in the sun, where I see a special shadow of God, I see Him as outlined in this star, which is like the king of the planets. What is the sun? It is nothing else but a globe of fire, one is the globe, but many are the rays, so that then we can easily understand:

(18) 1° The globe is God, the rays the immense attributes of God.

(19) 2° The sun is fire, but at the same time it is light and heat, so that the Holy Trinity is represented in the sun: The fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit, but one is the sun, and just as the fire of light and heat cannot be divided, so one is the power of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, which cannot really be separated from each other. And just as fire at the same instant produces light and heat, so fire cannot be conceived without also conceiving light and heat, so the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, and so reciprocally, the Three have the same eternal principle.

(20) I add that the light of the sun expands everywhere; so God, with his immensity penetrates everywhere, yet let us remember that he is but a shadow, for the sun would not reach where it cannot penetrate with its light, but God penetrates everywhere. God is the most pure Spirit and we can symbolize Him in the sun that makes its rays penetrate everywhere, without anyone being able to take them in his hands, God looks at everything, the iniquities, the infamies of men and He always remains what He is, pure, holy, immaculate. Shadow of God is the sun that sends its light on the filth and remains immaculate, spreads its light in the fire and does not burn, in the sea, in the rivers and is not drowned, gives light to all, fertilizes everything, gives life to everything with its heat and does not impoverish of light, nor loses any of its heat and much more, while it does so much good to all, it has need of none and remains always what it is, majestic, resplendent, without ever changing. Oh! How well the divine qualities are represented in the sun, God, with his immensity is in the fire and does not burn, in the sea and does not drown, under our steps and we do not step on him, he gives to all and does not impoverish and has no need of anyone, he sees everything, rather he is all eyes and there is nothing he does not feel, he is up to date with every fiber of our heart, with every thought of our mind, and being the most pure Spirit he has neither ears nor eyes, and no matter what happens he never changes. The sun, investing the world with its light, does not grow weary, so God, giving life to all, helping and governing the world, does not grow weary. In order not to enjoy the light of the sun and its beneficial effects, man can hide himself, he can put obstacles, but to the sun he does nothing, he remains as he is, evil will fall all over man. Thus the sinner, with sin, can move away from God and no longer enjoy his beneficial influences, but to God he does nothing, all evil is his.

(21) The roundness of the sun also symbolizes to me the eternity of God, who has neither beginning nor end. The same penetrating light of the sun, which no one can contain in his eye, and which if someone wanted to look at it fixedly in the middle of the day, he would be dazzled, and if the sun wanted to approach man, he would be reduced to ashes. Thus of the Divine Sun, no created mind can restrain it in its little mind to comprehend it in all that it is, and if it wanted to strive it would be dazzled and confused, and if this Divine Sun wanted to flaunt all its love, making it felt by man while he is still in mortal flesh, man would be incinerated. Therefore, God has placed a shadow of Himself and of His perfections in everything created, so that we seem to see Him and touch Him, and by Him we are continually touched.

Book of Heaven -2