Prepare for the elevation.


Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia 01 May 2022

Prepare for the elevation. In My House everything is prepared to receive My chosen ones.

Behold, the Era of Peace opens for the children of God.

Prepare for the elevation, my children, your God intervenes now to take you to Him. It is already going to happen, do not be afraid of anything.

The East wind blows strong, its poison is deadly.

Dear children of the Light, behold, your Savior returns to shower you with his grace! Prepare your heart, let it be in purity to be taken by Love.

Man cannot yet understand, but truly I tell you: you are about to enter the abyss of evil, your wrong decisions will drag you into pain. You have not listened to the calls of Heaven, you have despised My prophets, you have made yourselves gods on Earth, now you will reap what you have sown.

In My House everything is ready to receive My chosen ones, I will prepare them with love and I will give them My All, full of Grace they will go to recover the lost ones, those who in their pride have turned their backs on their Creator God to follow the fumes of Satan!

Truth is about to manifest itself to the world in its full Magnificence. In its dazzling Beauty it will appear to the world and capture the hearts of many men.

God has determined in His salvific plan to recover His children, He will fight to the end to bring them back to Himself.

This season marks the end of an old time, the new is coming, the wonders of God are already underway!

Come, my dear children, your time has come, my adversary will now unleash his evil to the fullest, but he will not be victorious!

My intervention is at the gates, I will unleash hell on earth, everything must be renewed, purified with the fire of love.

Farewell my children, oh you who wait for me with faithful love, truly I say to you: soon you will be with me in Heaven. Amen!