The False Prophet has signed a definitive alliance with the enemy -Carbonia

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Carbonia May 26, 2021

The time has come! The Mother of Sorrows will present herself to all Humanity! With her tears of blood she will announce the disastrous event that is about to strike the Earth.

Most Holy Mary: What a grace, my children, what a grace for you! Here I am, my mantle covers you and protects you from evil.

The painful event that is about to occur on Earth will be destructive. All those who have not accepted God Love's cry of salvation will find themselves in a state of pain.

My children, this is the truth, what I tell you is not for your evil, but for your good. You do not want to listen to your God because there is another god in your midst, there is the god of death whom you worship, adore and follow, a god who will soon take you with him where you will never see the light again, where suffering is eternal, there you will burn in the fire of pain, you will suffocate in your sins.

My poor children, this is what you have chosen, you have preferred to serve a god of death rather than a god of eternal life.

My mantle is open over my children, they are sheltered in me, precious in my eyes are my little ones, my children, I will guard them with the strength of a lion! I, the Most Holy Mother, the Most Pure Virgin, Mother of God and your Mother, I will shelter you in me, I will raise you up from all storms, nothing will happen to you that is bad, because God has preferred your good.

Jesus: Italy is about to enter the great tribulation! The pain for the Italians does not end here, it begins now! Italy will be completely dismembered and sold to the enemy. The false prophet has decided to put his signature: a definitive alliance with the enemy. The antichrist is already in the house of God and sits on the throne of Peter, poor Italy! My poor Church fallen into the misery of Satan! My priests have embraced the Lie, they have rejected their God-Love.

Jesus is no longer in (all) the Churches, my children, the tabernacle is empty of Him, ...Jesus cannot join Satan!

But for a little longer Satan will rule in the Church, because from Heaven the Son of Man will descend again and everything will radiate with Light and everything will return to the Light.

The Church will shine in the love of God, will return to her Creator and will follow Him with absolute fidelity, ...her priests, her new priests, will be eternally faithful to their God-Love.

My children, turn your eyes upward now and wait for the sign, everything is imminent. When the sign comes, it will be the moment of the final choice, the man who rejects it will be suffocated by evil, ...and the weeping and gnashing of teeth will be for him.

The hour has come! The Mother of Sorrows will present herself to all mankind!

With her tears of blood she will announce the disastrous event that is about to strike the Earth.

Pray, my children, pray and fast, turn away from the things of the world, think no more of the things of this Earth, convert, my children, convert. Great will be the pain that this Humanity will go through if it does not return to its Creator God.

I, as the Mother of Jesus and your Mother, humbly ask you to return to your Father, to embrace again the holy Gospel of Jesus and to live it fully, I ask you to return to the Word of God and to follow God,? not Satan!

The Earth is already shrouded in darkness, now the signs will manifest themselves and they will be many, they will follow one another, all that the prophets of yesterday and today announced to you will manifest themselves.

My children, you are about to enter the fiery furnace and do not worry, keep waiting for the change, deceive yourselves thinking that everything will return to normal, but it will not be so, the world is in the clutches of Satan's poison.

Jesus calls his children to himself, blesses them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and continues to mark his own with the sign of the cross on their foreheads and waits for the conversion of the last ones, the stragglers, to save them.

Come on, it is no longer time to play, the games are over, you are about to enter the great darkness, do not be caught unawares lest you go mad, my children.

I extend my hands and my arms towards you, I place you on my breast and I rejoice in you with the love of God, from my breast flows the love of my Son Jesus, and it will be transmitted to whoever lets himself be embraced by me.

The hour is now! All is fulfilled! The assault is ready!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Myriam: the dictation stops, there is silence, but the message is not finished, I still feel the presence of the Blessed Virgin and I do not take long to hear her say, is her word:

Most Holy Mary: A fiery cloud will descend from heaven!

A ball of fire is about to strike the earth, my children, it is the purification!

But many of you are not ready, my children.

These are the last times, the last acts that you will pass on this Earth in these conditions. Everything will soon be transformed, the pain will be great for those who have not prepared themselves.

Ask forgiveness quickly, ask forgiveness quickly!!!!

Kneel before the Crucified One, ask forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness for your sins, for your infinite misery, for the atrocity that is in force in this world because of man who has sold himself to the enemy, to Satan.

I love you, I want to save you all, I want to take you all under my mantle; ...come, I will protect you. Come into the Ark, I am the new Ark, my children, ... the new Ark. I will shelter you all in Me if you decide to choose My Son Jesus rather than Satan.

I am opening the doors! ...I am opening My mantle for you and I am opening My Chest for you! ...Do not say no, save yourselves. Dry the tears of this Mother who loves you so much, to dry your tears, which will be bitter if you do not make the decision to return to your loving God, bitter tears that you will have to shed.

Praise be to Jesus Christ.