Earth accelerates its rotation

Carbonia 12.08.2022

Earth accelerates its rotation 
it will soon shake like a ball.

Beloved children, you have come to the end of an old time, the new one is about to open to the children of God.

Jesus and Mary bless, give graces, many awaken but others continue to sleep wrapped in blindness. Satan has worked well so that my children sleep.

Man works for his own earthly interests but does not think of saving his soul.

My beloved children, it is your heavenly Mother who speaks to you, do not turn away from the Truth. "Consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart" I want to bring you all to Me, ... I want to save you, My beloved ones.

A great upheaval is coming! The world is completely shattered.

Fierce war will bring this Humanity to its knees.

Return urgently to your Creator God, amend your sins, there is no more time for the things of the world.

Return to Jesus, take refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, ask His forgiveness for having offended Him infinitely.

Do not be insensitive to my call to salvation. Your conversion is urgent!

The earth is accelerating its rotation, 
It will soon shake like a ball.

Beloved children, I wish you to understand what I am telling you, is not a joke: convert!!!!

God will help his children, he will save them from the great catastrophe.

You are about to know the Truth, oh men! Be ready! Amen.