Love for Jesus in the Sacrament

 You prepared the table before me.... What a joy to think that the Lord makes it so easy for us to receive Him! What a joy to know that He wants us to receive Him!

Frequent Confession is a great means of preparing for frequent Communion. We can also always increase our desire to purify ourselves and to treat Jesus present in this holy sacrament with ever greater faith and gentleness. It helps us to receive Communion with more love to strive to live in the presence of God during the day and to try to fulfill our daily duties as well as possible; to feel, when we make a mistake, the need to make amends to the Lord; to fill our day with thanksgiving and spiritual communion, so that we may live our work, our family life and everything we do with our hearts fixed on the Lord.

At the end of the prayer, we can make our own this prayer that Pope John Paul II addressed one evening to Jesus himself present in the Holy Host: "Lord Jesus! We come before you knowing that you call us and that you love us just as we are. You have the words of eternal life and we have believed and know that you are the Son of God (Jn 6:69). Your presence in the Eucharist has begun with the sacrifice of the Last Supper and continues as communion and gift of all that you are. Increase our faith (...). You are our hope, our peace, our Mediator, brother and friend. Our heart is filled with joy and hope in knowing that you are always living interceding for us (Heb 7:25). Our hope is translated into trust, Easter joy and hasty journey with you to the Father.

"We want to feel as You do and to value things as You value them. For you are the center, the beginning and the end of everything. Supported by this hope, we want to instill in the world this evangelical scale of values, by which God and his saving gifts occupy the first place in the heart and in the attitudes of concrete life.

"We want to love as you give life and communicate with all that you are. We would like to say like St. Paul: My life is Christ (Phil 1:21). Our life has no meaning without You. We want to learn to "be with the one we know loves us", because "with such a good friend present everything can be suffered" (...).

"You have given us your Mother as our own, to teach us to meditate and adore in our hearts. She, receiving the Word and putting it into practice, became the most perfect Mother."