Monkeypox and dangerous sexual intercourse

Silvana de Mari, writer, endoscopist and surgeon, published an article on (August 12) on monkey pox.

• The monkeypox epidemic is related to mRNA vaccines (Shmuel Shapira, former director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research).

• In Africa, where there are monkeys, there are very few cases of monkeypox.

• The epidemic breaks out in Western regimes which promote Covid injections and homosexualism.

• 98% of the monkeypox cases are male homosexuals (2% of population) who have practised anal intercourse. Homosexuals also responsible for 50% of new AIDS cases and 80% of syphilis which are becoming increasingly refractory to treatment.

• Anal intercourse is the most dangerous and unhygienic thing in the field of human relations because the digestive tract is not programmed to be a recreational organ.

• Anal intercourse multiplies the risk of sexually transmitted diseases by a factor of 10.

• For Leo Bersani (leading “queer theorist”) questioning homosexual promiscuity, barebacking, and bug chasing is “violent homophobia.”

• Virologists dare not disapprove of highly dangerous anal intercourse or dark rooms and anal intercourse, only of Masses and Christmas dinners.

• Homosexuality is an acquired behaviour that therefore can be abandoned.

• Streams of money are wasted to sell homosexual behaviour as "normal" and "healthy", and "above criticism."