Atheists: Heaven is not yours

The other form of paganism lies in the practice of atheism.
Those of you who are proud of your atheism and who may practice good lives, in that you are kind and loving to others and treat your neighbours with respect, know that the Kingdom of Heaven is not yours.
I can never accept you into My Kingdom once you draw your last breath, no matter how this will break My Heart.
If you do not beg me to accept you and before you die, I cannot help you then, for I cannot intervene with your free will.
Anyone who tells you that atheism does not matter is a liar.
The truth is that only those who accept me and who acknowledge God can enter My Kingdom.
So many of you who live such confused lives, and believe that all will be well, have much to learn.
This is why My Father has permitted The Warning to take place, for without it many souls would plunge straight into the fires of Hell.
Be thankful that the truth is being given to you, for very few of my appointed servants preach of the dangers of the sinful lives you are living today and the terrible consequences, which they will bring about.
Your pagan practices will lead you to Hell.
Your atheism will separate you from me.
Only repentance can save you.
Listen and accept the truth, distasteful though you may find it to be, and you will be given the gift of eternal life – a life, which you crave for right now, but which will never be yours, if you continue to idolise false Gods and reject me, Jesus Christ.
The choice is yours, only.
No one else can make this choice, for God has given you the free will to choose between good and evil and he will never take this away from you, even when you choose the wrong path.
Your Jesus