Francis receives Priests to talk about…. PORN

As usual, Bergoglio leaves the priests in evidence, criticizing them or at least associating them with vices that they supposedly have and should amend, while he, a terrible heretic dedicated to the demolition of Catholicism, never intends to change, not even glimpsing in his behavior the seriousness of his sins. And this is so because what matters to him is to appear virtuous and to cast upon others his own ignominy by making it appear that the Church is full of sinners and therefore is not the Immaculate Bride of Christ but something comparable to any religious structure far from the Christian Truth. At the end he doubts that the Revelation of God is contained in the Church and that it is an Absolute to be followed in order to attain eternal life. That is his plan and he follows it to the letter.

Internet pornography is a vice that "so many people have, even priests and nuns", Francis seems to know.

He came up with the topic on his own when he spoke to Roman clergy on 26 October. The original question to him was how priests can share their "Christian joy" on social media without being too exposed or arrogant.

Francis responded with what he didn't want to say, while insisting he doesn't use internet devices, "I'm not going to say raise your hand if you've had at least one experience with it [= porn]. I'm not going to say that."

Stressing that he was "not just talking about criminal pornography" but "about 'normal' pornography", he added: "I'm telling you, it weakens the soul." And, "The devil comes from there: it weakens the priestly heart."

In Mt 12 Christ says that "the mouth speaks out of what fills the heart".