I wish you to mend your errant ways

My children, once again I communicate with you because although sometimes My silences are prolonged, I am always present to you in My divine Heart. I, Jesus, speak to you. 

But I have to teach you and tell you that sometimes you are on the wrong paths, and I desire that you amend those wrong paths so that Satan will not defeat you if you make it so easy for him. Many of you will think what those paths are, and each one has to find out through contact with Me in prayer or by reading My Word, which is the Word of Eternal Life. You can also expose your steps to a priest who is rigorously observant of My laws, for not all priests are. Some go beyond certain norms and I do not like that, because later they will pay for it in Purgatory.


That does not mean that their Masses are not valid, if they celebrate them as they are established, they are valid, but if they celebrate them adding or subtracting as they please, then be careful of what they give you, because just as in food you look at the expiration date and do not buy just any food, no matter how cheap it is, so in spiritual things you should not add or subtract anything from what the Magisterium has established. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Children, you yourselves must be properly instructed by reading books that for many years, even centuries, were food for souls. Now some books that are published are full of heresies, adapted to the world and not to My doctrine, and although they may seem good, be careful of the nourishment you give to your souls, lest they be contaminated or manipulated. You are living in a very difficult time that does not favor the Christian faith at all. Governments, laws, morals, firmness, honesty, everything is being transgressed and making of these norms a total disaster, and this is happening in almost all nations. The solution is to be very faithful to your spiritual commitments, do not omit any day to fulfill them. Because if one day you leave it off, the next day you will say that for another day nothing happens, and thus, many people have lost their way because they are lazy and because they deceive themselves.

Do you stop getting paid one month? You are faithful to your paycheck because you need it for your payments and family expenses, so you need to be faithful to what you have committed to God and not to miss any day to fulfill it, except in case of great forces, but never omit them for convenience or even because of tiredness. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.

JANUARY 26, 2019. Blog: "Do whatever He tells you."