Müller: The Pope of Homosex-Religion may not be obeyed

Sexually disordered people need to hear the truth, not anti-Christian propaganda, Cardinal Gerhard Müller told Kath.net (October 22).

He warns against a person [= pope, bishop] who uses the Church’s institutions “to erect an idol in it," replacing the cross as a sign of salvation with the flag of "the pagan homosex-religion.”

Müller clarifies that the homosex agenda is "diametrically opposed to Christian anthropology.” Homosexual acts and any sexual acts outside of marriage are intrinsically evil “even if one subjectively feels good about the sin.”

The revealed truths are not subject to arbitrary revision like the program of a political party, guided by the expectations of voters. Further: Sacraments, Creed and God’s Commandments are in the catechism because they are true, not the other way around.

Cardinal Müller added that a heretical bishop may not be obeyed, “otherwise religious obedience would be cadaver obedience.” Unfortunately, he didn’t explain how priests subordinated to a heretical bishop could put this advice into practice.