The Ambush On The Vatican Is Imminent!

Carbonia 12.10.2022

The ambush on the Vatican is near!

The New Day is dawning for the children of God, they will celebrate the Marriage of the Lamb. 

The Banquet is ready, now prepare yourselves, children of Light to receive life!

The fall of the Empire of the Gentiles has reached its hour.

I will proclaim my victory with all my children and I will open my new kingdom, I will open my garden to my own, they will dwell in me and enjoy me eternally.

Go ahead oh you who believe in me, your God will raise you "new" in himself: you will have the gifts of Love and you will enjoy Love.

The eagle does not lose sight of his prey.

The ambush of the Vatican is near, the enemies will cause great destruction and will raise the banner of their victory. Bloodshed will be abundant! The cries of despair and help will come from the rooms of the masters of the new doctrine.

Beloved children, the Blessed Virgin spreads her mantle to protect her children: ... approach Her with true faith and let Her guide you; She is the Coredemptrix of the Work of Salvation! Her Mission is with you, the little remnant faithful to her Son Jesus. 

Mary has prepared her army on earth for the final battle to defeat Satan.

O man, you who have embraced the deceiver, know that you will suffer war, famine, sickness; ... despair will be your daily food!

O ungrateful people!

you have trampled on the commandments of God,

you have preferred to follow the laws of Satan,

you have denied Him who is the One and Only True God, the Savior,

now you will have your reward, that which in your free will you have chosen.

Peace to you, my children, to you who hope to enter the New Kingdom, behold I say to you: be ready, your feet shod, your hips girded and your staff in your hand, .... Everything is ready!

Oracle of the Lord!