To be souls of the Eucharist


The serenity that we must have is not born of closing our eyes to reality or of thinking that we will not have stumbling blocks and difficulties, but of looking at the present and the future with optimism, because we know that the Lord has wanted to stay to help us.

From the very trials of life will come great good, and we will never be alone in the most difficult circumstances. If on these occasions we are so grateful for the closeness of a friend, what will be the peace that we will find with our Friend, in the nearest Tabernacle? There we must go immediately to find consolation, peace and the necessary strength. "What more do we want to have at our side than such a good Friend, who will not leave us in our labors and tribulations, as those of the world do?" writes St. Teresa of Jesus.

When it could already be glimpsed that he was going to be persecuted, St. Thomas More was summoned to appear before the court of Lambeth. More said goodbye to his people, but he did not want them to accompany him, as was his custom, to the wharf. Only William Roper, husband of his eldest and favorite daughter, Margaret, and some servants went with him. No one in the boat dared to break the silence. After a while, and out of the blue, Thomas whispered in Roper's ear: Son Roper, I thank our Lord the field is won: "My son Roper, I thank God, because the battle is won". Roper would later confess that he did not fully understand the meaning of those words. Later he understood that Moor's love had grown so much that it gave him this certainty of triumphing over any obstacle. It was the certainty of one who, knowing he was close to his last combat, hoped that the Lord would not abandon him at the supreme moment. If we stay close to Jesus, if we are Eucharistic souls, He will shelter us, like birds shelter their chicks, and always, in the face of the greatest obstacles, we will be able to say in advance: the battle is won.

"Be a soul of the Eucharist!

"If the center of your thoughts and hopes is in the Tabernacle, my son, how abundant will be the fruits of holiness and apostolate.

Holy Mary, who so often spoke with Him here on earth and now contemplates Him forever in Heaven, will put the right words on our lips if ever we do not know quite what to say to Him. She always comes promptly to remedy our clumsiness.