When I will call My people to My refuges

  Jesus said: “My people, when I will call My people to My refuges with My inner locution, you will have to leave immediately because events will be happening fast.  You may have less than 20 minutes to grab your bag and run out of your house behind your guardian angel.  

You will be led by a flame to the nearest refuge and you will be invisible to those people who will be pursuing you.  

The one world people will be sending UN troops door to door to force the mark of the beast on everyone.  I will warn you when they are coming, but you need to leave in your car as fast as possible.  

If you take too long, you may have to leave your house out of your back door on foot to avoid the UN troops from capturing you.  This is why you need to have your bag ready and keep plenty of gas in your car.  

You may see these UN troops come up out of tunnels, or they could be dropped by helicopter.  If you are captured, you could suffer being a martyr at the detention death camps all over America.  So be ready and trust in My warning you to come quickly to My refuges.  

You will be protected from harm at My refuges by My angels.  These events are coming quickly, so be ready to move.”