A Failed Nuclear War and then 3 Days of Darkness

Since April 4, 1985, Jesus, the Eternal Father, the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Sorrows and angels, appear in the "Finca de Nazaret", in Talavera, Spain, to José Luis Manzano, transmitting through him hundreds of messages.

The messages revolve around the fact that something great is coming in the world. 

That the greatness of God will be seen, His omnipotent power and at the same time, all that many have already forgotten will be seen: the Laws that God dictated to Moses, so that he could give them to man.

They announced the warning and the miracle, the three days of darkness, the punishment and also the prolegomena of a nuclear war.

The Church has not taken a position on this apparition.

José Luis was born in 1972 and is currently married and father of 2 children.

He founded in 1997, with friends and family, a group of people who distribute basic food and basic necessities in areas of greatest need.

When he was just 12 years old, he was working on the small farm of 500 m2 with his father, on the morning of April 4, 1985, Holy Thursday.

Then an angel tapped him on the shoulder and told him not to be afraid and announced that he would meet the Queen of Heaven in a small room upstairs.

He went, and from then on, Jesus, the Eternal Father, the Blessed Virgin and some Angels have manifested themselves almost daily.

He has even said that 4 angels protect him permanently.

Our Lady told him that She wants Her messages to travel all over Spain, to awaken Spain and Her children and also to circulate all over the world.

She was given the mission to fight against the antichrist, and to preach throughout the country, to cast out evil and to warn mankind of the grave events they will have to face in the very near future, because we are in the end of time.

Our Lord told him that He wants souls to learn that He is here waiting for them, and to repent and do penance, he said,

"Prepare yourselves. Begin to distance yourselves from the things that generate disharmony. 

The plan of distraction installed in the world is the work of satan."

He added,

"Spread my messages, spread my Word, spread the Plan of Redemption. You must be the salt of the Earth, the light of the world".

And she promised that whoever spreads these messages will be rewarded in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Blessed Virgin defined her mission by saying that She came to warn us of all that is going to happen, as our mother that she is, she said,  

"The world does not realize that I come to warn you of everything that is going to happen, as a good mother. 

I am sad and sorrowful for all the errors that are nailed to my Immaculate Heart."

But in addition to that, graces of healings and conversions were given there on the farm.

At the end of the 1980s she received a series of messages about the Church.

He warned that his own children were going to make great changes that were not for the better.

That they have forgotten the promise they made before God.

They told him that they are going to change the laws that God put in place and that because of this the Church is going to collapse.

And that the evil one will lead many consecrated souls to the abyss because they will not be working in the service of God.

Specifically the Lord will say,

"They will forget that God set his laws forever and that is when it will all begin."

And he added that this is a sign of the end times,

"My Church is getting darker and soon it will fall apart. 

That will mean that the end of times is already here and you are going to prepare yourselves to receive it."

And to whom does the Lord refer that will make such changes? To modernism, because in a message He said,

"My Church has changed. They say it has modernized. 

God does not understand fashions my children, nor modernity."

And he added,

"It is sad to see how they are not able to retain my flock, how they are able to let them get lost, how they are not able to teach my flock."

But he also said that there are other shepherds,

"Those true shepherds, soldiers, warriors of God, will gather my flock".

And Our Lady spoke to him of a great miracle,

"Before everything happens there will be a miracle.

Many souls will see the truth and be converted."

And she added,

"It is something that will make one see the power that God has over the world.

The greatness of God will be seen, His omnipotent power will be seen and at the same time everything that many have already forgotten will be seen."

This sounds like the first secret of Medjugorje, which would be like a pre-warning to the warning that would unfold in the second secret. 

Before these things happen he was told that there will be 5 years of famine.

In 1987, 4 years before the attack on the twin towers, you were told, 

"Look that they come from times of adversity, very difficult times, that the tallest towers are going to fall collapsing".  

And in August 1988 Jose Luis received a message that seems to allude to the global health crisis that there was, he says,

"There will come a time when many souls will die of the smallest and most harmless disease. 

Thus souls will realize that the Kingdom of God is at hand. 

To purify this world, and to drive out of it the evil that has come in like lightning."

The possibility of a nuclear war was told to him by the Lord and he places it after the warning and as a prolegomenon to the chastisement, and he tells it in this interesting way,

"A powerful man of high society will be assassinated and a war will start. 

Then they will try to lead to a nuclear war. 

But my Father will draw a Cross in the sky which will remain for seven days. 

When the set time is over, ten minutes before midnight a great earthquake will shake the Earth, lasting eight hours. 

And the first day will begin, where my angels will execute the established justice".

And then he asks us, 

"At that time you must repent. You must kneel down and you must praise the Father and behold him."

But before the chastisement there will be three days of darkness.

Our Lady described to him what the three days of darkness will be like, she said,

"Between March and April do not go out of your houses very much.

There will be one day of darkness, then forty normal days. 

Then will come another day of darkness, then another forty normal days.

And after that will come another day of darkness, then forty more normal days.

And then the punishment.

In other words, three series of one day of darkness separated by 40 normal days and then the punishment. 

And this is what the warning would be according to this apparition.

And he was also told that at the end, that is in the chastisement, there will come a rain of fire without interruption beginning during a very cold night. 

The night will be icy, the wind will roar, soon after some time much thunder will be heard, and a very large cross will be left in the sky which will be seen from any place on earth.

Then we must close all doors and windows, speak to no one outside your house.

Kneel down in front of the Image of Our Lady and in front of a crucifix, repent of our sins and ask Her for protection.

And then exterminating angels will come, who will pass through every door and every house, and will exterminate the souls who did not repent when God gave them the warning.

Those who did not heed will die immediately because the wind will bring poisonous gases that will spread all over the earth. 

At the end of three nights the earthquakes will be over and the next day the sun will shine brightly.

The angels of heaven will bring with them to Earth the Spirit of Peace and an immense feeling of gratitude will overwhelm those who survive this terrible Judgment of God.

And in the face of this tribulation that was told to him, the Lord gave him a message of reassurance,

"Those who hope in Me and believe in My word, should not be afraid because I will not abandon them; nor will I forget those who spread My messages".

And he added

"Those who are in a state of grace and seek the protection of my Mother will not be harmed either."

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