Carbonia predicted the expulsion of BXVI and a black Pope

Carbonia, September 16, 2008

Jesus with you, oh woman, my Spirit is upon you. Jesus will triumph over evil with all his children, those who will fight with Mary.

Jesus says to you today, oh men: behold I am coming, this My Return is now, there will be no other time, the time has come: this is it! Soon you will see My Pope expelled from the Vatican and put into exile, his will be a flight! His clergy is in the hands of Satan, he can no longer manage in the correct Doctrine of GOD! Christ is love, is charity, things cannot be "reconciled"! My Vatican is lost in the things of the world and can no longer find its way back to Me, "I" the Crucified Christ for love! 

It is the time of the "schism", My clergy will divide, one part will follow the antipope and the rest will join the pope. 

The Earth burns; in the despair of evil it succumbs; the infernal enemy is about to take my place, the Vatican will have a black pope! Miserum est the one who falls into his hands! Now is the time to invoke my mercy, my return, because much evil will be unleashed on Earth. The fury of the ancient serpent will fall upon the world and it will be punished for its perfidious wickedness. My creatures will fall into his wretched hands and all will be hell; if you, oh children, do not provide to convert your hearts to Jesus Christ the Lord, all will be cursed because man "rejects" his GOD preferring the tortures of the devil.

 My Father is coming, O my Church; you, who have lost your way, who have sold yourself to your enemy for a piece of silver; you, who were the splendor of Love; O you, who lived love, where have you gone? You no longer love, you no longer feel pain or sentiment, you are just like the god you have chosen for yourself, a god of horror and death, you will not see My Glory, your GOD is about to be again on Earth and all will shine in Him, His Love will reign on Earth and all of you who have denied Him by preferring a false god, well you will be with Him, for I will also deny you. 

The hour has come for the awakening of hearts, My Spirit will descend to renew them and all will hear My Voice and be lost. Finally, My Return will mark the New Age, a New Church, led by its King Love, its Creator God, the one who will judge the world and separate the sheep from the goats. Behold I come, beware, children, My Return is now, the hour has already sounded and the bells are ready to welcome your God-King Love and celebrate with the sound of love! GOD is Love and His Church is Love! Satan's empire is over, loosen your chains and come dwell in Me, the Living GOD, "the Absolute". 


Behold, children, behold, I come.