Do not be sad, .... never! —Carbonia

Long to find yourselves in the Father's House.

It is the end of Satan's power.

My beloved spouse, write to my people.

Jesus is your only Good, only in Him you are safe, your life is in Him.

My children, have that faith that moves mountains, trust in Me, I AM!!!!

Go forth convinced of my charity towards you and do not be sad, .... never!

The world must see in you the joyful smile of Heaven, the joy of being life in Life.

The mighty ones of the Earth will fall now!

All things will return to God.

It is the end of Satan's power.

O my people, ungrateful people, ... you are deaf and blind, you do not want to pay attention to me, you prefer to listen and follow the lies of the media!

Your salvation is in danger, oh humanity: ...My cry of salvation comes to you: ...rise up turning to Me, my son, I alone am the one who will save you.

My dear ones,

do not fall into the deadly trap of the enemy,

stay away from the dark communities,

walk in transparency,

live the holy Gospel: you find Jesus only there,

He guides you and keeps you safe within Himself

if you give yourselves to Him with trust.

My children, the time has come to weigh anchor and set sail.

Abandon all that holds you to the earth!

Lift up your hearts to the Most High, God is waiting to embrace you to Himself.

Long for the Father's House, decide for Heaven.

Be aware, O men, that you must leave all things here below; everything will be buried!

Behold, you have time left to realize that you are of God, so repent.

Earnestly desire to find yourselves in the Father's House, where the happiness lost on this Planet, you will find it again forever.

All is in the direction of the things of God!

Convert now, O my people, wait no longer.

The end of this era has come, this old story is about to lower the curtain, God is in a hurry to open the new Earth to his children. Amen!