I guide you to the battle against Satan

Carbonia 19.11.2022

I guide you to the battle against Satan.

Most Holy Mary:

My little ones, with all My Motherly love I wrap you in My mantle and lead you to My Son Jesus.

As Coredemptrix of the Work of Salvation I instruct you according to God's laws and guide you to the battle against Satan, you will certainly be victorious in Him who is your Savior God ... forged in Him you will become divine in Him.

I now call back all those who have been lost in the lies of the infernal enemy.

Verily I say to you:

The Word of God is One and One will be forever!

No one in the world will be able to change it or erase it!

I say to you, O men who yearn for My power: Know that you will never come to have that which belongs to Me, that which has been Mine forever! I am the One, the Only and True God!

Verily you have already lost your battle against Me, I AM! Put yourselves back into Me, remedy the mistakes made with intention, premeditated!

Now all will enter silence, to thunder then in My truth.

Repent quickly!

God is the One who can do everything: ... no one is like God! I Am!

You have scourged My people, you have become drunk with the blood of your brothers; you have denuded this Humanity, you have deprived it of all My Good to drag it to Hell.

My Wrath will be great against the enemies, against the traitors of the Temple!

Behold, Israel claims her property, she will not fail to get it back, everything is possible to God!

Poor men, foolish and proud, you hail Lucifer, now you have given yourselves to him and with him you will perish.

Lucifer yearns for you for his vengeance against Me, but his wicked evil is now at an end, he will be locked in his Hell forever.

Victoria est!!!

Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat!

Forever!!! Forever!!! For ever and ever HE IS!

Blessed be God and blessed be His People.

See you soon my children, see you soon chosen ones of your God ... see you soon!

Behold, in the heavens already the signs of My Second Coming are being manifested.

My children, beloved ones of my Sacred Heart ... the world knows ... but you know much more!

Wait for me ready, with your hips girded, your shoes on your feet and your staff in your hands ...

I love you! I long for you!

Your Jesus.