Pope settles scores with priests: Criminals and gossips

St. Padre Pio refused absolution to 1/3 of the confessors. Was Padre Pio a "criminal"???

"Pope Francis (...) compared clergy who do not give absolution at confession to criminals."Bergoglio is fine with a priest abandoning God to get married, and affirms that if he does not give absolution he is a criminal (what about people who do not want to make amends?), he also reiterates his archimania against gossip. Finally, he favors the idea of the disappearance of seminaries under the excuse of unification. The pseudo pope gives diabolical advice.

VATICAN CITY - Severe criticism from the head of the Church of unqualified priests: which clerics are for him like criminals, which ones end up "in the wastebasket," what he thinks of sycophants and gossipers, Pope Francis has now said bluntly.

Pope Francis has harshly criticized unqualified priests. Speaking to formators and rectors of Latin American seminaries, he compared clergy who do not give absolution in confession to criminals. He also condemned mediocrity for lack of closeness to God as "worse than mortal sin:" "A priest who does not pray ends up in the barrel." He could last until old age, but only in mediocrity. Francis had already met Thursday with representatives of the seminaries. The Vatican published his free speech on Friday.

In addition to closeness to God and people, he also recommended priests to be close to their own bishop. "It is true that sometimes there are bishops, God forbid...," the pope said. But at the same time, he said, there is no Church without a bishop. "Either you go to your bishop as a man or you ask the Lord to solve the problem." In no case should one visit the bishop to suck up to him, for example, to get a better position. It is about being close to him or at least respecting him.

The same goes for dealing with other priests. Francis again criticized gossip among them: "You are men, act like men, don't be old gossips, please." Moreover, he said, the clergy must not forget where they come from. Seminarians must be taught to "love their people of origin." "Remember where you come from, that you were taken from the flock. Do not forget your co-workers," the Pope said.

"...Then marry them, it's OK."

He asked formators to accompany seminarians in various situations, "with clear teaching," but without "ready-made answers." For this, he said, it is necessary to form priests "who are good people, merciful, with tenderness". The priest, the seminarian, must be accessible. If it happens that they are close to the girls of the parish, "and some of them are, they are close, then they get married, that's fine."

At Thursday's meeting, the Pope also stressed that seminaries must be of adequate size to be "true Christian communities." This often requires the "foundation or consolidation" of diocesan or regional institutions. Only then is a "truly communitarian experience in all dimensions of formation" possible. This task must be carried out collectively by bishops, especially at the level of regional or national bishops' conferences, Francis said. "Longing for the past" is useless, the Church leader stressed. Instead, he said, it is time to open up to new paths in priestly formation.