They want to reduce our water consumption

As usual to achieve a goal, the elite media start to raise awareness. First they suggest, then they threaten, then they force, if necessary with fines.

The Guardian reports:

Eight glasses of water a day excessive for most people, study suggests

‘One size fits all’ guidance could lead to 20m litres of drinking water being wasted each day in UK, scientists say

Research suggests that people have a wide range of water intake needs.

A recommendation to drink eight glasses of water a day is likely to be excessive for most people, according to scientists.

This suggestion has become accepted wisdom and often appears in health guidance. The latest work, however, the most rigorous study to date on water turnover, reveals that people have a wide range of water intakes. Many people only require about 1.5 to 1.8 litres a day, lower than the two litres typically recommended, the research suggests.(…)