This story is closing; the New Age is upon us —Carbonia

Carbonia 02.11.2022

This story is closing; the New Age is upon us.

Creation groans because of the sin that persists in man.

Dear children, the storm is already upon you!

Soon a terrifying darkness will manifest in the sky and mighty thunders will shake the hearts of men.

The earth will vibrate, it will spin like a top: its agony is great, its spasms make it explosive.

My children, have the charity to put yourselves in prayer and beg for God's mercy.

Come out of the darkness to return to the Light.

God awaits the conversion of men, He awaits your return.

The cycle of time has ended. This history is closing; the New Age is at the gates. Direct your love to Love, do not delay, my children, everything is about to be unleashed before your eyes, tremendous will be the vision of what is to come, ... men will seek refuge even among the rocky ravines; many will perish from fear!

Oh, you who have despised My Divinity, you will suffer much. But you, My beloved flock, My faithful remnant, you who have loved, honored, worshiped, served and followed Me, you will be safe, I will provide for your sustenance, I will care for you, ... as Father, Mother, Brother and Friend I will be with you, I will make you strong as a lion.

I will give wisdom and intelligence to my faithful people: they will know me and receive the holy gifts!

Mary Most Holy will lead my people to victory over Satan, she will instruct my children and consecrate them to the Holy Spirit. Grace, power, honor and glory they shall have!