Francis to Rigorously Ban Roman Rite Priestly Ordinations

Francis' looming document to further combat the Roman Liturgy contains an explicit "ban" on the administration of the sacraments and sacramentals according to the Pontificale Romanum, reports (4 February) with reference to Roman sources.

This means that baptism, marriage, confirmation and priestly ordination may only be performed in the Novus Ordo. The publication date is 3 April, the Monday of Holy Week and anniversary of the Constitution Missale Romanum, with which Paul VI invented the failed Eucharist.

The ban on priestly ordination also applies to Roman Rite communities, including the Fraternity of St Peter. Lower ordinations such as subdeacon ordination, which are abolished in the New Rite, are henceforth "forbidden".

Priests of the Roman Rite communities may now celebrate Mass without special permission only within their "canonically established" houses. calls the decree an "undoubtedly 'unconstitutional' legislation of the Bergoglio Pope".