British Airways: another pilot dies of heart attack

He was due to fly a plane full of tourists from Egypt to the UK, but just before the flight, the pilot died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack. Not only for the bereaved family members was it an incredible shock - what would have happened if the man had fainted during the flight?

The Sun reported Saturday on the pilot, whose name is unknown. He was flying for British Airways and was due to take a plane full of holidaymakers from Cairo to Heathrow. But shortly before the flight he collapsed in the crew hotel.

Still, he managed to crawl from his room to the lobby. There, his fellow passengers also immediately tried to help him, but unfortunately in vain

A British Airways source told The Sun that the incident had shocked the entire airline: it was unimaginable that he would have suffered the heart attack at 30,000 feet. Most strikingly, the man had apparently suffered health problems in the months prior to his death, but continued flying anyway.

Airline officials informed the family. The man's body was flown to the UK on a Boeing 787; the plane had to be flown to Egypt specifically for this purpose because there was no room for his coffin on the plane on which the deceased should have flown.

The sudden death of the pilot is another tragedy of the kind that has become strikingly more common in air travel in recent months. While the passengers on the plane in question have just escaped disaster, the suffering of the man's family is hard to imagine.