Jesus, the supreme example of humility

 Jesus is the supreme example of humility and dedication to others. No one ever had dignity comparable to his, no one ever served men with such solicitude: I am in your midst as one who serves. This is still his attitude towards each one of us. He is ready to serve us, to help us, to lift us up from our falls. Do we serve others, in the family, at work, in those anonymous favors that perhaps will never be thanked? The Lord, through the mouth of the prophet Isaiah, tells us today in the first reading of the Mass10: Discite benefacere: Learn to do good? And we will learn only if we look to Jesus, our Model, if we meditate frequently on his constant example and his teachings.

I have given you an example," says the Lord after washing his disciples' feet, "that as I have done for you, so you also should do. He leaves us a supreme lesson for us to understand that if we are not humble, if we are not willing to serve, we cannot follow the Master.

The Lord invites us to follow him and to imitate him, and he leaves us a simple but exact rule to live charity with humility and a spirit of service: Whatever you would have people do to you, do also to them. The experience of what pleases or annoys me, of what helps or hurts me, is a good rule for what I should do or avoid in my dealings with others.

We all want a word of encouragement when things have not gone well, and understanding from others when, in spite of good will, we have made a mistake again; and that they notice the positive rather than the defects; and that there be a tone of cordiality in the place where we work or when we get home; and that we be demanded in our work, but in good manners; and that no one speaks badly behind our backs; and that there be someone to defend us when we are criticized and we are not present; and that they really care for us when we are sick; and that we be given fraternal correction of the things we do wrong, instead of commenting on them with others; and that they pray for us and. .. These are the things which, in humility and a spirit of service, we are to do for others. Discite benefacere.

If we behave in this way, continues the prophet Isaiah, then: Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like purple, they shall be as white as wool.