The attack will start from Israel

Carbonia 03.05.2023

God is waiting to hear man's cry for help.

The Voice of God resounds in the Universe, his pain is immense, his wrath will hit this perverse... incorrigible Humanity!

I look towards the Earth and I see man, my creature, adoring the idols of this world, they do not fear my voice, they are bold, convinced of their choice: they follow Satan, they abandon Life.

My People have bowed before a god of death, they have turned their backs on their Creator, they no longer believe in the One who generated them.

The cursed Serpent does everything possible to steal as many souls as possible, deprives man of reason, ... already possesses the minds of men and leads them to death.

Great is the deception, My children, you have become blind, your eyes are dazzled by false lights, those lights that lead you into the Devil's net… fools! I see your transience, the great difficulty to understand the deceit, that is why I intervene with my calls to call you back to Me: convert, men, convert!

              The State of Israel is ready to launch its missiles to defend its land.

              The attack will start from Israel and will spread from state to state.

              The entire world will be involved in a war that has no return.

I see the rebellion of the peoples: great painful demonstrations will take place in many countries.

We are in the final stage, the Antichrist faces the world, his devilish plan is to be known by men.

My children, do not delay in returning to your Father, to your God of Love, to your Creator, because only He can save you, only He can snatch you from the infernal clutches of the Beast!

              Behold, I open the doors of My mercy and I await with eagerness of love the return of many Children to Me. As God the Father and Creator I want to save my people!

Behold, the hour has come, My children, you have to choose whether to live in the infinite joy of Love or die in the painful flames of Hell.

This is all my beloved people need to know: God is waiting to hear man's cry for help.

I open My Chest to shelter all of you in Me, come, come My children, return to your Father, doubt no more, darkness is about to envelop you in itself.

Save yourselves, My children! Life will go on for all who convert.

A new world awaits you in the wonders of God, do not waste this little time that is available to you to convert, do not be late My children, do not be late.

Come on, be brave, renounce lies,... prefer to live and not die. Amen!

God the Father.