The new injection will make you immune to the Divine Grace


Do not become a robotized Humanity, because with (the new injection) they will make you immune to the Divine Grace that comes from Almighty God. They will make you forget the Eucharist, the Commandments and the natural and divine laws.

Anno Domini 2020, May 31 - Message from Obed, Guardian Angel of the Disciple.

The most terrible time is coming upon the human race!

"Your parents, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God, that is why sin entered the world and death dominated Humanity, thus death became the ultimate penalty for sin. But the Eternal God sent you salvation, sending His own Son, come in the flesh and born of a woman, in the most pure womb of a humble maiden, blessed by His Fiat (be it done). She will crush the head of the New World Order.

Some Mysteries of God regarding Creation...

Satan, by his angelic nature, knew some of God's Mysteries regarding Creation. He knew, as we do, the very origin of life, but in his stubborn rebellion he uses that knowledge now, to bring back evil, famine, plague, war and discord.

Elements and the quantum of the Universe...

With the knowledge of the elements and the quantum of the Universe, he inspires men who study the mysteries of life and death, through science, to create deadly viruses and decimate Humanity. Applying the natural laws of Creation, scientists, alongside the New World Order, develop new laws for genetics and create a superior race to dominate and prevail on Earth. We, the Angels, know in advance the satanic plans. This is how we defend men, take care of them and protect them, spiritually and supernaturally from the risks caused by the dirty tricks of the diabolical entities, especially from those attacks directed to the intellect, intelligence and mind, avoiding all kinds of manipulation and mind control.

When men neither pray nor cry out to God...

When men neither pray nor cry out to God, nor ask for the Light of the Holy Spirit, we realize that we can do little or nothing for them, for they are devoid of Divine Grace. Moreover, the obstinacy to remain in some sin, makes them more vulnerable to the subtle attacks spread through the air, by means of antennas and modern satellites. And soon you will have the implantation of the micro chip or health code to be able to travel, buy and sell.

Phase 2 of mass destruction...

In this quest for domination, they will launch phase 2 of mass destruction in the world. With the application of a new mutant virus, worse than the one you are now facing. Because the first phase was only a trial. Seeing the success achieved, the world leaders congratulate each other and are preparing to carry it out, with the support of the powerful elites and those who control the world economy.

Second phase of the C_V_D program

Listen, Disciple, what I am going to reveal to you, in the second phase of the fatal program CODI VI, electromagnetic discharges were added, using a type of radiation that will affect and disable the brains, hearts and lungs. The codification joins (the new injection) immunological, which is not as such and accelerates the state of health of the cells, affecting men suffering from psychosomatic diseases, as well as diabetes and arterial hypertension, and in this way they will try to eliminate handicapped people, the elderly, since they alter the molecular genetics using high-risk metal and chemical elements, such as lithium, silver cobalt, aluminum and mercury. Down children, autistic, mentally ill, vulnerable, indigent, indigenous and people with some ailment such as deafness, blindness, paralysis and others will be affected.

Our God, dear Disciple, constantly hears the pleas and petitions that we, the Angels, leave in His Presence. We are also saddened by those who reject God and do not invoke Him, but curse Him, die soon; some repent with sincerity and reach salvation but others do not. We, the Angels, hear the cries and claims, such as:

God, where are you?

Why do you leave us alone?

Do something!

But this is spiritual purification and a test of faithfulness. It is only right, then, that these times should come with new changes. We have so many things to say to man, but you prefer to listen to all the garbage and lies that they send you by satellite signals and modern means of communication. Listen to the prophets of the end times, they bring the mission to warn you and prepare you for these coming events!

They try to simulate an extraterrestrial invasion....

Oh, Humanity... the forces of world control are trying to simulate an extraterrestrial or alien invasion! Do not let them convince you, it is demons in person who will come, such space beings do not exist, it will only be an image, and they will not be able to do anything against you if you continue to be vigilant in prayer, trusting in the Great Power of the Most High God! You will cry out... ...Who as God! And we, the Angels, will come in mighty legion to defend you!

There will be a great famine on Earth....

The most terrible time is coming upon the human race! There will be great famine on Earth. Stock up on food for this famine.

The mark of the beast 666...

For the purpose of sealing them and imposing on them the mark of the beast 666, they will offer you help, do not accept it! When you hear... Go and get (the new injection)! We, the Angels, will tell you... Do not go! Because (the new injection), together with the microchip and the biometric technology of the fifth generation, constitute the mark of absolute control.

Robotic Humanity...

Do not become a robotized Humanity, because with (the new injection) they will make you immune to the Divine Grace that comes from Almighty God. They will make you forget the Eucharist, the Commandments and the natural and divine laws. You must put up resistance.

The second phase of the New World Order...

The second phase of the New World Order is to create homophobia, resurging ethnic problems and racism. Fear will cause you to take your lives because of depression and anxiety. Human values and ethics will become the opposite, bestiality will resurface, the low passionate instincts will make many lose control and dominion; cruelty will be such that some men will take the life of others and so it will be also in Nature, becoming the beasts and domestic animals aggressive, because the evil of human hearts will sprout. That image, with which man was created... will be lost... and men will walk like remote-controlled zombies.

How to take care and protect oneself from all this?

I will tell you, dear Disciple, in another revelation: Pray, men of the Earth, for you are at the great end! When the temples are opened, nothing will be the same, the liturgy will be changed, the Perfect Sacrifice will be abolished! There will be more quarantines, to install the antennas that transmit live the Blue Beam project of which you already know. Pray much that you may gain wisdom and discernment. Amen. Amen. Amen."