Why you shouldn't take communion in your hand

John Paul II: "I cannot be in favor of Communion in the hand and neither can I recommend it" (Fulda (Germany) 1980). "In his Letter "Domenica Cenæ", 1980, he says: "The touching of the Sacred Species and their distribution with one's own hands, is a privilege of the ordained"."

*St. Thomas Aquinas: "For because of reverence for this sacrament, nothing touches it but what is consecrated; hence the corporal and the chalice are consecrated, and likewise the hands of the priest, to touch this sacrament" (Summa Theologica: Pt. III, Q.82).

*Tertullian: (160-220) "...we scrupulously take care that nothing of the chalice or of the bread may fall to the ground."

*St. Francis of Assisi: "They alone, (the priests), must administer (Communion), and not others." 

*The Council of Rouen prescribes: "To no layman, let the Eucharist be given in the hand, but in the mouth."

The Church does not permit Communion in the hand but tolerates it, thus, those who receive Communion in the hand make use of an Indult*: It was introduced by the modernist hierarchy without authorization from the Holy See (Cardinal Suenens in Holland etc).* Paul VI was tenaciously opposed to permitting it but decided to grant an indult only where the use was already entrenched to avoid widespread disobedience."

*Monsignor Juan Rodolfo Laise, Argentine Bishop states, "I know the history of communion in the hand, it was reintroduced clandestinely, spread on the basis of equivocations, and confirmed by means of unwavering disobediences... (to the Holy Father), imposing over twenty-seven years a use which the Pope did not want to authorize because he considered it dangerous for the good of the Church, until they finally succeeded in having it spread throughout almost the whole world."

*Jesus to Catalina Rivas, (Nihil obstat by Mons. R. Fernandez, Bolivian Archbishop): "There are neither 10 nor 20 executioners who destroy My Body, there are very many hands that hurt My Body by receiving Communion in the hand, -the sacrilegious work of Satan-".

Some souls in Purgatory tell Maria Simma, Austria (revelations under the supervision of the local bishop) that one of the sins for which they have to suffer the most, is for having received Communion in the hand. Maria explains: under normal conditions, only the consecrated hands of priests can distribute Communion. Extraordinary" does not refer to the difference between the faithful having to wait two minutes instead of ten to receive Communion. (Today lay people or priests are in a hurry for everything.) One day a woman who was distributing Communion and urging other women to do the same, died. Before the funeral, the coffin was open for family and friends to say goodbye. Then it was closed. But a close relative arrived late and asked the priest to open it so he could say goodbye to the deceased. The priest lifted the lid and looked inside. Several saw that the woman's hands had turned black. This sign, for me, as for the rest, was God's confirmation that unconsecrated hands cannot distribute Jesus during Communion."

Maria Simma freed 40 or 50 priests or bishops from Purgatory, mostly for promoting Communion in the hand or other irreverence. She calls Communion in the hand "the work of the devil." Many are for lack of obedience to the Holy Father, lack of love for the Holy Mass, lack of love for prayer and fasting, not having read the breviary, and I repeat, for Communion in the hand..." . The souls in Purgatory have told me that no Pope to this day has supported Communion in the hand, a rite that was encouraged by a group of cardinals and bishops. All the Popes, knew very well that Communion in the hand was against the veneration of the most Sacred of the Sacred ."... I know a very good woman who doubted about this and simply asked Jesus Himself to send her a clear sign so that she could clarify. Jesus did so! The next time the priest went to receive Communion, he put the Eucharist in the palm of her hand. As soon as he put it there, the Host rose from his hand, went up and disappeared in the air. This little miracle was also witnessed by several witnesses..."

*From the book Give Me to Drink, 2008: Jesus says: "Everything is enabled for profanation and sacrilege, and My ministers do not care, they live comfortably like that. The laity give Communion and the day will come when the Holy Sacrifice of the Cross will also be degraded in such a way that they will prevent Me from descending to the Host.

*Anneliese Michel, † 1976 (Incorrupt).

When this 16-year-old girl from a pious German family was suddenly afflicted by demonic possession, the demon (during an exorcism ordered by the local bishop) was forced to say the following: "The thing (Consecrated Host) must not be placed in the hands. The priests must have courage. The laity must not distribute it.

During the distribution of that thing (Holy Communion) they must kneel. By the command of that one (pointing to a statue of the Virgin that was nearby) Communion in the hand must be abolished because it is my work. The bishop must forbid Communion in the hand, if he can achieve it."

*The following may be quoted from a Masonic Plan of the year 1925:

"How can it be achieved that the faithful no longer believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist?...First of all it is necessary to make people everywhere receive Communion standing and then place the Host in their hands. Prepared in this way they will come to see the Host as a symbol of fraternal fellowship".

*Indirectly, Communion in the hand has contributed to the fact that tabernacles are no longer found in the center of churches but at the side, or in another room. When you hear the argument "The Church has allowed it", remember that you are the Church and not the bureaucracies, disobedient and treacherous that are somewhere far away and inaccessible. The Church has not allowed it but has tolerated it under pressure only.

*St. Bridget of Sweden, † 1373- "See, My daughter, I left My priests five gifts... and the fifth, the privilege of touching My Most Holy Flesh with their hands." *Martyr and Saint Cardinal John Fisher, † 1535. "Times of flourishing or collapse within the history of the Church were always associated with the handling of the Holy Eucharist."

*Message of Jesus Christ to a mystical soul about Communion in the MOUTH.

1.- To those who do NOT receive in their HAND My Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, I Promise to shower My Blessings on their hands, heart, soul and their whole being. 2.- They will feel Me in Communion so much in their whole being and with so much fullness, that their natural desire to touch Me will be taken away. These will always do much more good to souls; on the other hand, those who insist on taking Me in their hands will be hardened in many things toward My Will, and will be obscured about My Own taste, My Own Preaching and My Own Magisterium.