Biden To Deploy “Army” Of Social Media Influencers

Report: Biden To Deploy “Army” Of Social Media Influencers, Station Them In White House

According to an Axios report, Joe Biden’s campaign team is readying an “Army” of social media influencers and intends to station them within a briefing room at the White House.

Biden’s handlers have apparently decided that the only way he’s going to win another election against Donald Trump is by securing the youth vote, a tough task given that he’s the oldest President ever.

Deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon said, “We’re trying to reach young people, but also moms who use different platforms to get information and climate activists and people whose main way of getting information is digital.”

Going after the brainwashed Tik Tok obsessed woke crowd then, essentially.

The report further notes that in February The White Host brought more than a dozen influencers to a State of Union watch party and was asked by one “when are we going to get press briefing passes?” prompting the administration to become “actually very responsive to it.”

It’s like something out of Idiocracy:

Biden’s handlers have done this before, back in March last year they hosted around 30 TikTok stars and gave them a briefing on events in Ukraine. White House director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty decried that the influencers should be getting information from “an authoritative source.”

The news also comes amid revelations that George Soros’ son is a regular visitor to the White House, having been invited 14 times since Biden took office.


As we highlighted last week, Biden is drowning with voters on every issue, and only one third want to see him win another term.

When it comes to Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents, a majority, 54 percent, said they would prefer a different candidate, with only 44 percent giving approval of Biden as the nominee. 

Among voters under the age of 35, Biden is favoured as a candidate by just 26 percent.

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