Coca-Cola contains cocaine -USA

Coca-Cola reportedly using cocaine in its U.S. soft drinks

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has regulated this company site to use and manufacture cocaine.

U.S. allows a Coca-Cola co-location to import cocaine for its beverages

A chemical processing plant located in New Jersey (USA) has obtained a license to import cocaine leaves into the United States on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company.

This has been assured by 'The Daily Mail', which added that the chemical processing center manufactures pure cocaine worth up to two billion dollars a year. According to the media, the leaves would be used by the Coca-Cola company to produce a 'decocainized' ingredient for the company's most famous soft drink.

This cocaine by-product is being sold to the largest opioid manufacturer in the North American country, according to 'The Daily Mail', which also markets the substance as an anesthetic agent for dentists.

The processing plant has been processing coca leaves for Coca-Cola for more than a century and is now run by the Stepan Company. The facility has a special license from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and is the only U.S. company authorized to import cocaine and manufacture it.

'The Daily Mail' wanted to speak to the DEA but they did not respond to the media outlet's invitation. The only thing known from the Drug Enforcement Administration is that the secret agreement was disclosed at the end of 1980.

About the deal 'The New York Times' uncovered that Stepan imported between 56 and 588 tons of coca from Peru and Bolivia.

"They are the most American red, white and blue brand, but they don't want to be associated with the war on drugs," Ricardo Cortes, author of the book A Secret History of Coffee, Coca and Cola, told 'The Daily Mail'.