Francis attempts to corrupt Roman Rite Seminarians

Bergoglio's poor health not only does not prevent him from moving forward with the perverse goal of ecclesiastical Freemasonry to dismantle everything within his reach, but it seems to be a spur, lest he die before accomplishing his goals. Meanwhile, he avoids dismissing the heretical German bishops, even if a weak voice from the Vatican sporadically emerges to cover the file of protest before the expectant Catholics.

New Francis Document Attempts to Corrupt Roman Rite Seminarians

A document that will further crack down on the Catholic Faith is expected this month, writes (April 4).

Voices have been circulating about this since January. However, it will not be an apostolic constitution as was previously rumoured, but a decree of the Congregation for Religious focussing on the seminaries of the Roman Rite communities.

They will be obliged to conform to "Vatican II" in their doctrine and discipline. However, Vatican II assumes that the seminaries are like the present PiusX seminaries.

The benchmark for the imposed changes are the empty Novus Ordo seminaries. The text requires the liturgical formation of the Roman Rite seminarians according to the clown Novus Ordo.

The bulk of their studies must take place in outside theological faculties with an anti-Catholic bias. Barely veiled, the document suggests that teachers and seminarians who disagree with it should join PiusX.