Francis used his homily, to attack the priests present

Chrism Mass: Francis Projects His Own Problems

As was to be expected, Francis used his Chrism Mass homily, to attack the priests present. Of the nearly 4,000 priests living in Rome, about 1,500 were there.

Francis, who has virtually stopped presiding at Eucharists, projected his own problems,

“We sin against the Holy Spirit, whenever we become instruments of division, whenever we play the game of the enemy, who never comes out into the open, who loves gossip and innuendo, who forms groups and cliques, who fuels nostalgia for [Vatican II] times gone by”, he railed.

Having no pastoral experience as a parish priest, he romanticises that "many people" do not approach the Church "because in the Church they feel unwelcome, unloved, regarded with suspicion and judged." In reality, the Novus Ordo Church has been casting pearls before swine for decades - with the well-known result.

Francis insisted, "In God’s name let us always be welcoming and forgiving always.” Personally, Francis doesn't care about either.