I must fight again for you, to save you —Carbonia

Carbonia 06.04.2023

You have abandoned yourselves to Lucifer, do his will!

Believe firmly in what I tell you, oh woman!

All is accomplished!

Your God says to you: write to my beloved people.

My people, serve Me in these last hours before I do the will of My Father. Have mercy on Me, oh ungrateful people, give Me your heart and write on it My Holy Name; I, Jesus, will sustain you and place you in Me; I will not allow the Evil One to take you away from Me.

These are decisive hours for your salvation, oh man! Turn now to your God! Waste no more time, for there is no other.

Truly, truly I tell you, O man: I am tired of waiting for your conversion, I am disappointed in your conduct, I am sad to death for you. 

The grave is ready. Convert, oh man, convert to resurrect in Me; do not allow Satan to drag you to Hell.

Come out soon from UR before night falls, the hour of My Passion is "the great hour".

My children, I must fight again for you, to save you, you have not been able to give Me a single moment of peace; you have left Me crucified because of your sins. You have drunk Satan's poison, you have feasted with him, you have become drunk with his wickedness .... Damned Satan!

My poor children, I should not have left you free will, I should have kept you in Me, you had no sense, no love for your freedom. You have denied your Creator God, you have clothed yourselves in darkness; you have gone deeper and deeper into the valley of death.

Oh, My children, what a disgrace for you! And what pain for Me!

I see your being... more and more weakened: you have abandoned yourselves to Lucifer, you do his will; you have forgotten the healthy principles of life, you have lost faith in Me.

Do not despise your Creator God, oh men, do not lose your life; rise from the mire that invades you: say "ENOUGH" to sin and death.

The end of this life is only a few moments away ....