If we have ever left Christ...

The Body of Jesus lay in the tomb. The world has been left in darkness. Mary was the only light burning on earth. "The Mother of the Lord - my Mother - and the women who had followed the Master from Galilee, after observing everything attentively, also leave. Night falls.

"Now everything has happened. The work of our Redemption has been accomplished. We are now children of God, because Jesus has died for us and his death has redeemed us.

"Empti enim estis pretio magno (1 Cor 6:20), you and I have been bought with a great price.

"We are to make our own the life and death of Christ. To die by mortification and penance, so that Christ may live in us by Love. And then to follow in the footsteps of Christ, with the eagerness to co-redeem all souls.

"To give one's life for others. This is the only way to live the life of Jesus Christ and to become one with Him".

We do not know where the Apostles were that afternoon, while they were burying the Body of the Lord. They must have been lost, disoriented and confused, aimless, full of sadness.

If on Sunday they are seen united again18 it is because on Saturday, perhaps the same Friday afternoon, they went to Our Lady. She protected this nascent Church, weak and frightened, with her faith, her hope and her love. Thus the Church was born: in the shelter of our Mother. From the very beginning she was the Consoler of the afflicted, of those who were in distress. This Sabbath, on which all observed the festive rest as required by law19 , was not a sad day for Our Lady: her Son has ceased to suffer. She serenely awaits the moment of the Resurrection; that is why she will not accompany the holy women to embalm the dead Body of Jesus.

Always, but in a particular way if we have ever left Christ and find ourselves disoriented and lost because we have abandoned the sacrifice and the Cross like the Apostles, we must immediately turn to the light that is continually burning in our lives, the Blessed Virgin. She will restore our hope. "Our Lady is rest for those who labor, consolation for those who mourn, medicine for the sick, harbor for those who are battered by the storm, forgiveness for sinners, sweet relief for the sad, help for those who implore her". Together with her we prepare ourselves to live the immense joy of the Resurrection.

Hablar con Dios