Pumping mRNA Into Cow’s Milk To ‘Force Jab’ the Unvaccinated

Scientists Pumping mRNA Into Cow’s Milk To ‘Force Jab’ the Unvaccinated

Scientists who pumped mRNA into cow’s milk have announced they have “successfully” immunized mice who fed on the milk, leading to fears that commercial milk is set to be quietly loaded with mRNA in order to vaccinate the unvaccinated population.

Researchers found that they could put a small piece of mRNA into tiny packets called exosomes, which are found in milk. They then fed this milk to mice, and the mice absorbed the exosomes in their digestive system.

The mRNA must have made it into the mice’s bloodstream and lymphatic tissue because their bodies made antibodies against the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Peter McCollough reports: From a scientific perspective, these experimental steps taken by the Chinese were a stunning success. However, given the damage mRNA vaccines have generated in terms of injuries, disabilities, and deaths, these data raise considerable ethical issues.

The COVID States project has shown that 25% of Americans were successful in remaining unvaccinated. This group would have strong objections to mRNA in the food supply, particularly if it was done surreptitiously or with minimal labelling/warnings.

Children could be targeted with easily administered oral vaccine dosing or potentially get mRNA through milk at school lunches and other unsupervised meals.

For those who have taken one of the COVID-19 vaccines, having milk vaccines as an EUA offering would allow even more loading of the body with synthetic mRNA which has been proven resistant to ribonucleases and may reside permanently in the human body

These observations lead me to conclude that mRNA technology has just entered a whole new, much darker phase of development.

Expect more research on and resistance to mRNA in our food supply. The Chinese have just taken the first of what will probably be many more dangerous steps for the world.