The German Synod is schismatic —Bp Mutsaerts

Bishop: German Synod Follows Fantasy Council, Starts Schism

The German Synod and Vatican II are “mutually exclusive”, notes Auxiliary Bishop Robert Mutsaerts of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, on (March 29).

Vatican II valued celibacy and understood that the priest is Christ’s representative. It doesn't use the term “presbyter” - a title for a functionary - to describe a priest, although the German Synod claims that it does.

Vatican II says that the Church "unequivocally rejects atheism", while the German Synod promotes the myth that this Council no longer condemns atheists.

Mutsaerts says that “the fantasy Council to which the German Synodals refer does not exist” and he notes that Vatican II calls abortion an "abominable crime."

The German Synod claims that practiced homosexuality is "not" a sin that separates one from God, "and it should not be judged as intrinsically evil” and calls for an "amendment" of the Catechism. Mutsaerts insists that, as a consequence, Holy Scripture must be "changed", since the German bishops "know better than the inspired authors.”

The German Synod follows the theory that what was sin yesterday is a "blessing" today, and that doctrines that were infallible yesterday are "discriminatory" today and therefore "sinful", such as the "exclusion" of women from the priesthood.

Such a concept of permanent revolution has “nothing in common” with divine revelation, writes Mutsaerts, concluding that "the synodal way has divided Catholics in Germany. We have a word for this: schism.”