Cardinal Sarah's omissions

Cardinal Sarah is in Mexico to give a series of conferences (, June 27).

• "Spiritually, man is bankrupt", he said at the La Salle University in Mexico City.

• Many people have forgotten God, and have concentrated on fleeting pleasures.

• Creation is at war with that man, who claims to defend the environment, but promotes abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, homosex genital mutilation, and destroys marriage.

• "Do we really think that killing an innocent child is a good thing?"

• Man has waged a “satanic war” against God and against man himself.

• Christians feel compelled to withdraw from “the world” and its idols and its anti-Christian and man-destroying ideologies.

• "We withdraw from the world and its illusions, not out of contempt for creation and our societies, but to seek the truth about God and man.”

Apparently, Sarah, unlike Bishop Strickland, has not said a word to denounce the aberrant 'Pope' who has waged a satanic war against Christ and His Church. And this is a norm followed by almost all the world's clergy.