In an exorcism the devil speaks of "ufos"

From an interview with Fr. Giuseppe Tomaselli (Salesian exorcist)

For a long time and particularly in this time, there has been talk of flying saucers and extraterrestrial people making contact with us of earth. 

What do you think about this?

It is another wonderful trick of Satan and I answer you in his own words, as I asked him for an explanation in an exorcism:

In the name of God, answer! What is your name?

Astort. I was first an officer of the angelic hosts.

Are the flying saucers your work?

No, they are fragments of dissolving planets, which on contact with the atmosphere dissolve.

There are those who believe they are cosmic spaceships, populated by extraterrestrial people.

Damn you Priest! It is not so. We make believe that it is so.

So, you demons take advantage of the phenomenon of uranolites to entice humans to relate to you and also show up taking human, strange and evanescent forms.

Well, what do you want to know?

Answer: Are you the ones who appear in human form and then say you are extraterrestrial men?

Damn you Priest! That's us.

If men knew that it is you demons who present yourselves as extraterrestrials, they certainly would not communicate with you. They are in ignorance.

There are the ignorant and there are those who know.

Answer again!

And that's enough, you damn Priest!

What about those who relate to you and call themselves "cosmic brothers"?

They are all my children, just as Jehovah's Witnesses and the  Bambini di Dio are my children.

Damn you Priest, now stop it!

You have heard the devil's answers. How do you like that?

But couldn't he have told lies?

He would have liked to say them, but he could not. During the Exorcism the priestly power dominates him; in fact he responded, but in anger and cursing me. If the devil is acting like this in the world, he will have specific purposes. Of course! In the case of extraterrestrials and their messages, the ends are:

1 - To make humans, who now believe themselves to be able to step outside the earthly circle and make contact with higher beings wandering in space.

2 - To make people doubt or nullify what God has revealed concerning men through the Bible, which is absolute truth

3 - Discredit what the Church, Teacher of truth, teaches, because in messages received from extraterrestrials (...who are demons...) it is said:

Let no faith be put in what the Church teaches, for she has misrepresented divine teachings. 

Before closing the Exorcism on exposed, the demon added:

It is we demons who are working in the spaces and this is a sign from heaven. Before God's chastisement comes in the world there will still be other signs in heaven.

All that is left for mankind is to beware of devilish deceptions, of those that are taking place and of those that the great beast may yet implement.