Russia: U.S. and Europe help Ukraine in exchange for human organs

During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced Ukraine, the United States and Europe for trafficking in human organs of people killed in the war.

According to information gathered by Russian state media TASS, Zakharova said that "Ukraine is ready to pay anything for the military assistance it receives" from the West even with "human organs of its citizens."

The Kiev regime is rapidly turning the country into a global hub for trafficking in human organs

The Russian diplomacy spokeswoman added that "there will probably come a time when Ukraine will understand the real reason why its so-called American and European friends care about it, but that will not be soon enough."

The relevant international bodies, with an art worthy of a better cause, are ignoring these obvious and criminal phenomena denounced Zakharova.

According to Moscow, Western countries are the main beneficiaries of illicit transplantation practices in Ukraine

"The scenario has been rehearsed in Yugoslavia. All the organs that were removed from the people, who were killed then, were to serve the needs of Westerners" continued Zakharova.

The diplomat elaborated on her macabre accusation stating that "after the relevant surgical procedures, the bodies are burned and the relatives are told that the serviceman is simply missing" and that "these terrible machinations are supported by the legislation" of Ukraine.

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Zakharova noted that Ukraine adopted law 5831 in December 2021 according to which a transplant would not require notarized consent of the living donor or his relatives and added law 5610 on amending the Tax Code under which organ transplant surgeries would have been exempted from VAT.(...)