The Chair of Peter has been usurped by the enemy!


Carbonia 27.03.2023

My people, it is infinite truth that I want to save you!

Jesus, your Savior comes to your aid.

My daughter:

Your heart is in Me,

love Me always and spread My Word;

we are at the end of a cycle of life,

my Blessed Mother is about to manifest herself in every home, so that men may repent!

This event-it is God's grace!

The truth is in Me!

Write to My beloved People:

Beloved Ones,

My wrath will fall upon this iniquitous Humanity,

I will cast out the Evil,

I will transform the Earth into a Paradise to be inhabited, in immense happiness and love.

I am the One who runs History;

O men be not ignorant of the Truth:

Study the Holy Scriptures,

and live My Holy Gospel intensely, lest you find yourselves displaced when I call My Children by name to shelter them in My shelters.

Return to Me, beloved Sons, take back your lives!

The hour thunders in death,

evil reigns: you are in danger!

Have the courage to turn away from sin!

Say your "enough!" to the infamous!

The Chair of Peter has been usurped by the enemy!

Satan has brought Hell within the walls of Rome:

his plan is to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ.

My children, as you well know,

the world is already at war!

shortly, a great roar will be felt by this Humanity: ...

the Earth will tremble! The hearts of men will tremble!

A massacre will be experienced: the air will be poisoned and will cause severe respiratory problems, there will be many deaths!

Pray My children, pray, humbly pray, plead for My intervention.

Purify your hearts with a good confession:

Standing on your knees before the Crucifix, supplicate God's mercy!

A sudden storm will shake many hearts,

there will be a great awakening, man will understand and want to return to his Creator.

The time has come for your urgent conversion, O not waste time,

set yourselves on the way to Me, your God Love!

Most Holy Mary, shortly, will enter your homes, ...will manifest herself in her blazing Divine Light, will ask you to follow her in obedience to the will of God the Father, so that the grace of true life may succeed in you.

God awaits the repentance of His children, with so much love He waits to embrace them back to Himself.

Put on in you the white garment, that of the feast,

reunite yourselves with Him who created you, so that He, your Father in Heaven, may shelter you in His bosom, make you divine in Him, impervious to Evil;

never again shall Satan be able to rage on God's children!

An earthquake is snaking from north to south, ... Italy will be wounded severely.

Oh! My Italy, you have strayed too far from your Creator God,

you have placed obstacles between you and Him,

in your weakness you have given your "yes" to the enemy:

you have allowed yourself to be managed by him,

you have deprived yourself of true freedom and life.

You have held fast to Satan's false promises,

you have made no discernment,

you just believed in him!

Poor men, today I feel your weak, labored breath, your aching chest, your soul exhausted by betrayal to your one and only true God, your Creator.

Imbued with Satan's poison you can no longer hold yourselves up,

you are like drunks,

you go like zombies, powerless to manage your lives!

Beloved daughter, write again:

My people, it is infinite truth that I want to save you, deliver you from Satan's claws, still I call you back to Me to restore your life in Me.

Love Me, O men:

do not deny your Creator,

do not follow the devil,

he works in you to drag you to Hell with him.

Wake up My children, wake up!!!

Give me a chance to help you,

stop, for a single moment,

call Me to your aid and I will come to your aid.

I love you, you are My Children!

Renounce Satan...his seductions...his lies.

It is all false what he manifests to you,

do not be afraid to resume the path of holiness.

I AM!!!