The death of the true Pope and the false prophet -Jennifer

Our Lord Jesus to Jennifer on September 17, 2022:

My child, many ask you where are My words, why is your Savior silent? My child, I am where I have always remained — sitting in the silence of the tabernacle, awaiting souls in Adoration. And yet, who comes?

I ask My children: Are you seeking your Savior? Are you chasing a world that is being inundated with evil? The tide has turned and My children need to heed the warnings that are all around them. Satan is seeking to gain as many souls as possible through the means of fear. He has unleashed his companions upon every corner of the earth in order to cause chaos and confusion. He has inundated the walls of My Church and he will take with him those who have complied to his wickedness. My children do not be afraid, for as I told Peter, the gates of hell will never prevail against My Church. It [the Church] is the only place in which heaven and earth unite because I Am present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Those within My Church who have allowed evil to enter in their hearts and have guided many souls down the wrong path, will come to see the errors in their ways. 

I come to tell you that great change is beginning to unfold, and where it begins is in My Church; it will funnel throughout the world. 

Look to the roots of My Church, My children, because when this false prophet begins to change the prayers of the Mass, the teachings of the Magisterium, know this is not of Me, for I Am Jesus

Just as the thunder follows the lightning, there is order in which humanity was created. 

As the passing of the true pope (BXVI) is shadowed by this false prophet, the changes will come like boxcars and so will the confusion.

Pray the Rosary and seek discernment in all things because your true home is in heaven. Now go forth for I am Jesus, and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.