The New World Order and the "Wolves in Lamb's Clothing"

Anguera, the New World Order and the "Wolves in Lamb's Clothing"

As foretold at Fatima, the errors and horrors of communism spread throughout the world, but unfortunately also in the Church, because the warnings and remedies of the Blessed Mother, to avoid this situation, were not heeded.

The messages of Fatima, were prophesied in a situation that was already so serious at that time, that the Queen of Heaven herself, intervened with her apparitions, and has continued to intervene now for more than a century, siding with her beloved Church, to lead the "Good Battle" toward the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart over all her enemies.

Believing firmly in Christ's promise, "the gates of hell shall not prevail," we can, without a shadow of a doubt, today consider ourselves witnesses to have reached the apex of the most serious crisis the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church has ever gone through.

The final battle between the dragon and the Woman clothed with the sun is in full swing, and it is especially the Church that is being taken by storm.

Today, the Most Holy Mother is calling us to do our part:

"Dear children, give Me your hands and I will lead you to Him who is your Only Way, Truth and Life. ... You are living in the time of the Great Tribulation, but I will always be at your side. Humanity is walking blind spiritually and the time has come for you to open yourselves to the Light of the Lord.... Listen to Me. The wolves disguised as lambs are advancing with the poisonous project of destroying the true Church. Do not draw back. The true Church of My Jesus will never be destroyed. Forward in the defense of the truth." (Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace, broadcast in Anguera on 9/20/2022)

In the West, liberal-progressivism is the perfect tool in the hands of the financial elite that dominates the West to promote its plan to conquer the world; a plan that requires the creation of a New Rules Based Global Order, and that also requires the establishment of the New Man, the citizen of the theorized "World Republic."

To achieve the World Republic requires the elimination of traditional cultures (cancel cultures), the merging of religions into a "religion of peace" (syncretistic a-dogmatics of clear Masonic flavor), the transformation of democracies into technocracies led by "expert" scientists chosen from above, to assert the dominance of Science, Economics and Technology over Politics and Ethics. The goal is to make human beings necessarily dependent on the system, to ferry them to Transhumanism.

Throughout the world, the globalist elite strategically supports the most extreme migrationism to achieve the abolition of borders; and it is evident how they proceed toward state regulation of vital functions, to control reproduction (artificial insemination, surrogate gestation, abortion); how they aim to control nutrition (recommended foods and discouraged foods), health (mass vaccinations increasingly compulsory), death (euthanasia).

Through technology, the aim is to achieve the most total social control, intervening in the upbringing and education of children, to be taken away from the authority of families and handed over to the state from an early age. Those who oppose it, in the name of the common interest, are branded as "fascists." Today the "fascist" is the classical liberal, perhaps traditionalist Catholic, the moderate secular conservative, who opposes the new, the single thought.

While the hammer beats humanity on the anvil, risking World War III, the Catholic Church, infested with wolves disguised as lambs, seems to be capitulating, under the pressure of ecclesial freemasonry:

"Wolves in sheep's clothing are advancing with the poisonous project of destroying the true Church."

The Catholic Church, has stopped opposing liberal-progressive ideology, because the majority of bishops, corrupted by Modernism, declare themselves progressive Catholics, prostituting themselves to the mentality of the Western world. Such a majority, by means of modern pastoral care, already preaches a new gospel modeled on man, the poor, the migrant, etc. in tune with Masonic-style liberal-progressivism.

Claiming to reinterpret our Lord's words, "I came to serve, not to be served," ecclesial Freemasonry wants to affirm a new truth; namely, that it is no longer man who must convert to Christ, but it is the Gospel that must update itself by adapting to the difficulties of man today. It is before everyone's eyes, a process of transformation of the Catholic Church toward a world religion, where man celebrates himself instead of God, which denies Divine Revelation, the work of creation, the divinity of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus, is reduced to a mere spiritual teacher, historically denying everything in the Gospels that is supernatural, such as the healings performed by Jesus and all the statements where Jesus reveals his divinity. Progressive Catholics see themselves as reformers of the Church and see in Martin Luther, their forerunner, so everything must be changed, everything is evolving.

The Church should be concerned only with social problems, especially those involving justice, peace, the environment, to build a heaven on earth, winking at Transhumanism.

In parishes, they already deny the existence of the devil, so The Personified Evil does not exist, and consequently neither does original sin and natural moral law. The progressive Church has espoused the modernist theses for which there are no objective norms, to establish what is good and what is bad, symbiotically adapting to the atheistic and materialistic ideology of life, which has imposed itself in the West. In our Western society as well as in the Church it is now man who decides what is a source of morality, so society gives itself its own laws according to the fashions of the times.

Normalization of deviance, reigns in the Western world, from drug use to practices that in the past every civilization called perversions, such as sodomy and pedophilia, and this is widely accepted and shared by many bishops. So it is with abortion, divorce, euthanasia. The glorification of gender ideology, which denies the specificity of male and female genders and their complementarity, is promoted at the expense of the natural family founded on marriage between a man and a woman, is also rampant in church circles.

The Church imbued with atheistic materialism, tends to justify evil behavior. Sin is downplayed, indeed better to believe that it does not exist. The possibility of eternal damnation is denied, appealing to Divine Mercy to deny the existence of hell and promise heaven to all.

In the message of Our Lady Queen of Peace, broadcast in Anguera on 9/22/2022, on this progressive drift, she seems to exhort us thus:

"The Righteous Judge will ask you to account for everything you do in this life. Bend your knees in prayer. I come from Heaven to help you, but you cannot live stationary in sin. Difficult times will come for the righteous. Still you will see horrors in the House of God. The defenders of the truth will drink the bitter cup of suffering, but the Lord will save His people. Do not lose heart. Forward in the truth!"

"Still you will see horrors in the House of God..."

What other horrors will we see?

The "single thought" needs in order to impose itself to unify religions, it is aimed at establishing a new world religion where man celebrates his supremacy, which presented as a spirituality of the future, will have to replace the New Age which is now an old and unsuccessful experiment. Therefore, the new Catholic religion will have to transform itself into a new "container" even more ecumenical and functional than the New Age, and like its predecessor it will have to promote a return to paganism, adopting the ecological cult of Mother Earth, from which everything is born and in which everything dissolves, relegating man, to the animal state.

Thus it happens that radical atheistic environmentalism, which regards human beings as the cancer of the planet and blames human activity for weather or climate variations, is echoed by the new ecological sin, and the cult of Pachamama. Since Modernism denies the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the divine origin of the sacraments, it is predicted what the next goals of progressives are if they want to fully adapt to the "single thought." The next step will be to deny the Holy Mass as a redemptive sacrifice. To deny the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, making the Sacrament of Confession useless, in order to open wide the doors to a "pantheistic" god

These will be the next horrors!

The world and the Church of today have "allied" themselves by no longer recognizing the Lord Jesus, the God who wanted to hide Himself in the virginal thalamus of a young woman, to make Himself Redeemer of humanity as true Man and true God. On this Woman, Mary Most Holy, full of beauty and grace, innocent, pure, gracious, sweet, lovable in the eyes of God and mankind, more than anything the Lord has ever created and will create in the future, satanic hatred has focused in recent times; the "dragon" has hurled itself with all its power against the Immaculate, to prepare the time of the Antichrist, finding in the world and in the Church, more than fertile ground.

We conclude with a few remarks by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who addresses Italian Catholics in particular:

"The time has come to raise our heads, to reject with outrage that resilience that wants us to be willing to take the beatings without reacting. The dystopian world of globalism must be rejected and fought not only for us, but for our children, to whom each of us wants to leave a peaceful future. But this - I say this as Pastor, addressing Catholics in particular - will only be possible if Italians recognize that justice, peace and the prosperity of a nation can be achieved where Christ reigns, where His law is observed, where the common good is put before personal profit and the thirst for power. Let us return to the Lord, and the Lord will know how to reward our faithfulness. Let us return with confidence to Mary Most Holy, our heavenly Mother, and She will intercede for our dear Italy before Her Son."

(Carlo Maria Viganò, archbishop, apostolic nuncio, Sept. 27, 2022)

Francesco Miridia, Tempi di Maria