The power of only one Mass


Jesus said: “My son, I thank you and your wife for this Mass that kept Wortman from going to hell.  This is the power of the Mass,  and your earnest desire to save his soul.  He will be in purgatory for a long time, but he will come to heaven one day because of your prayers.  Give praise and thanks to Me for having mercy on his soul.”

was one of the biggest abortion providers in Rochester, N.Y.  The pro-life people have prayed outside his office since the 1970’s.  Recently, he was in the news for using his own sperm for in vitro fertilizations.  He died very tragically a few weeks ago in a home made experimental airplane.  The wings fell off and it crashed in an orchard.  It was put on Carol’s heart to have a Mass offered for him.  Jesus wants us to know the power of only one Mass and His great mercy.  We should not be judging others.