The time of my Justice has come!

Carbonia 24.06.2023

Thus says the Lord:

I will subdue the wicked!

I will breathe new life upon My Children!

Come out from there, O My People, lest you incur the same fate as the wicked:

Weeping and gnashing of teeth for the murderers of my People!

I will thunder my Justice!

I will make the walls of Rome tremble!

They shall rend to the ground the wicked,...never again shall they rise up against my People.

I cry to you O My People, flee far from the walls of Rome, For the desecrated temple shall collapse, Its rubble shall bury the traitors!

This is the time when you will see happen what I have announced to you through My prophets: you will know My Mercy and ... My Justice!

Man goes unaware of what he will have to suffer because of the sin he does not want to renounce.

The storm is now upon you O Ungrateful People, O Unfaithful People. Oh you, who said you loved Me, but like Judas you turned your back on Me and still keep Me crucified.

Your pride is about to fall:

I will strip you of everything,

I will cleanse this Humanity of all the filth of the Devil!

Man has turned against his Creator God to follow the accursed Ancient Serpent, but ...

the time of My Justice has come:

I will separate the tares from the good wheat and burn the chaff.

I will shake the hearts of men, I will make them bread to Me, I will transfigure them in Me, for from Me they have had life: they belong to Me.

Life calls His own to Himself;

the thunderbolt is about to come down from Heaven with power,

All that does not belong to God will die,

He will raise up His faithful Children to Himself, before the great reset! (bring back to the initial state).

And you, O men of science:

you have now lost the light of reason,

you have prostrated yourselves to the enemy,

your wisdom ends here with this appeal of mine!

 ... ... I am tired!

I declare:

My Weeping and My Sorrow are infinite,

this Humanity has lost its common sense, it is devoid of meditation,

the Devil has succeeded - in deception - to take power over man.

My children, what a fate upon you!

You have not listened to my call for salvation;

Satan has made you his accomplices!

The hour of My Intervention is close at hand,

Awake from your sleep O men!

Be converted before the Moon goes out and darkness takes you. Amen!