A soul that speaks much displeases God


1008 1 III 1937. The Lord has let me know how much He dislikes a soul that talks too much. In such a soul I find no rest. The continuous noise tires Me, and in that noise the soul does not distinguish My voice.

1009 Today I asked the Lord Jesus that I might see a certain person, and this would be a sign for me that the Lord is calling her to this convent [to be founded]. And I was with her, and I understood that this dear soul has a vocation, and I asked the Lord that He Himself would deign to form her soul. I have spoken with her about vocation many times and the Lord will do the rest.

996 28TH FEBRUARY 1937. Today, for a longer moment, I experienced the Passion of the Lord Jesus and I came to know that there are many souls in need of prayers. I feel that I am transforming all of myself into prayer in order to ask for Divine Mercy for each soul. O my Jesus, I receive You in my heart as a pledge of mercy for souls.

997 Tonight, when I heard on the radio the song, "Good night, O Sacred Head of my Jesus," my spirit was suddenly taken up into the mysterious bosom of God, and I understood in what the greatness of the soul consists and what is important before God: love, love, and once more love. And I came to know that all that exists is saturated with God, and I was inundated with a love of God so great that it is impossible to describe it. 
Happy is the soul that knows how to love without reserve, for therein lies its greatness.

Diary of Saint Faustina