Amend Your Lives


It is painful for our Sacred Hearts to see how souls reject our grace again and again. I, Jesus, speak to you.

It is the same as if they were sick and did not want to take the medicine that would heal them, or if they were poisoned and did not want to drink the antidote that would save them. I, Jesus, speak to you.

I understand, My children, your human nature burdened with weaknesses that make you fall again and again, but it is painful and incomprehensible that you reject the graces of Heaven that constantly tries to enter into your souls and give you strength to overcome the situation of sin, and give you light to know the path you must follow to not sin again.

Evil and good, my children, are two columns that exist in this society and will always exist. But those who are in evil and do not want to turn to good, apart from being painful, it is sad and desolate that My souls do not want to leave their situation of sin by which the devil has them so trapped. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Children, propose to get out of your situation of sin. If you have committed fraud, return the money and give alms that repair so much. If you have taken away someone's fame, make amends. If you have sinned adultery and so forth, try to overcome that situation for which My grace will not be lacking. You always apologize for the evil you do, but evil has no justification, not even if you do it for good. No, children, no, evil must not be done under any circumstances, because for Me evil is an abomination that repulses Me and that I detest infinitely. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Therefore, children, protected by the mantle and love of My Mother, amend your lives, get out of the situation of sin in which you live and which makes you slaves of Satan, and come to Me who am Love and Highest Good. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you. Peace to all who read this message and put it into practice.

A Dios lo que es de Dios