Asking for the gift of contrition


Woe to you, Chorazin, woe to you, Bethsaida!

The Lord would pronounce these words with sorrow, seeing that the grace poured out with full hands did not penetrate the inhabitants.They would follow him for a few days, they would show their admiration at a healing, they would be pleased..., but in the depths of their souls they were still far from Christ.

We must ask the Holy Spirit for the ineffable gift of contrition.We must strive to make many acts of this sorrow of love, especially when we have offended the Lord in something more important, whenever we go to Confession, at the time of the examination of conscience and also during the day.It will be of great benefit for us to make or meditate on the Way of the Cross and to meditate on or read the Passion of the Lord..., and never tire of considering the infinite love that Jesus has for us and the affront and lack of love that sin means.Sincere sorrow for sin does not necessarily bring with it emotional pain.Like love, sorrow is an act of the will, not a feeling.Just as one can love God without experiencing sensitive commotions, one can have a deep sorrow for sins without an emotional reaction.But it will show itself in turning away from every occasion to offend the Lord and in concrete works of penance for the times when we were not faithful to grace. These works help us to atone for the penalties we have deserved for our faults, to overcome evil inclinations and to strengthen us in what is good.

With what works of penance can we please the Lord: prayers, fasting and almsgiving, small mortifications, bearing with patience the sorrows and adversities, and accepting well disposed the burdens of one's profession, the fatigue that work brings with it.We will pay particular attention and love to receive the grace of Confession, approaching it well disposed, sincerely repentant of our faults and sins."Turn to Our Lady, and ask her to give you the gift - proof of her affection for you - of contrition, of compunction for your sins, and for the sins of all men and women of all times, with the sorrow of Love.

"And, with that disposition, dare to add: Mother, Life, my Hope, lead me with your hand..., and if there is anything in me now that displeases my Father-God, grant that I may see it and that, between the two of us, we may tear it away.

"Continue without fear: O most clement, O most pious, O sweet Virgin Mary, pray for me, so that, fulfilling the most gracious Will of your Son, I may be worthy to attain and enjoy the promises of Our Lord Jesus "